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The marketing website ‘2Sleep in Africa’ is an online guide for travelers to find African accommodations. Many travel websites and portals are costly endeavors with limited results for accommodations. 2Sleep in Africa has developed a website based on a combination of many years of experience in the hospitality industry and online marketing.

The travel industry has changed rapidity through the introduction of the internet. Travelers surf the internet to find information on a location of their liking. Online booking and payments however are many times postponed and abandoned. Travelers feel uncertain because they do not have direct access to the accommodation and they find themselves in doubt when making reservation on a central booking site. 2Sleep in Africa advertises the accommodations and does not interfere in the reservation process.

The website is designed to give visitors a quick and easy access to African accommodations. It generates a direct contact between guest and host in 3 steps. No interference, no vague commission, no middleman. Simply forward a request and get a direct answer back from the host. This direct contact is a big advantage over other travel websites for the traveler and accommodation.

Accommodations are listed in 4 categories; Hotels, Guesthouses, Lodges and Bed & Breakfast. Every listing has its own webpage. On this page the accommodation is presented and information is given on location, route, activities, price, description, pictures and contact details.

A distinct feature is a search option for travelers to seek accommodations by the activities the have to offer. 2Sleep in Africa is marketed in Europe and South Africa in travel magazines, travel agents and travel websites, besides intensive search engine optimization.

The listed hotels, guesthouses, lodges and B&B only pay 1 yearly advertising fee and receive request directly into their own email box. 2Sleep in Africa does not take any commission on a booking or requests. The accommodations get their own login and password to be able to update the information anytime they wish. The focus is purely on the promoting the website and the convenience of the website visitors getting direct contact with the accommodation.
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